WordPress Support & Maintenance Retainers


Here at HA-Design Agency, we have delivered some highly customised WordPress projects in to some rather high pressure environments. Implementing a tough, secure and well-maintained platform is second to none, ensuring that your website stands up to the test of time and anything that is thrown at it along the way.


Free up more of your time to do the things you want to do with our WordPress support and maintenance service.

Our UK based WordPress support and maintenance retainers offer our clients peace of mind that their WordPress site is running smoothly, securely and ready to scale when required.

We’ll monitor your website and keep everything up-to-date, this includes automated WordPress updates, daily backups, plugin updates etc. If a plugin is no longer functioning, we’ll replace it with a suitable alternative (where possible).

Then there’s the security side of things. If it’s on the web, somebody will eventually try to hack it, regardless of what platform you use. Every website is at the mercy of unscrupulous hackers and it’s a constant battle to keep them out and stop them causing mischief. With our help, your site will be as safe and secure as possible.

They are also a cost effect way to fix bugs and implement improvements to a WordPress based website.

We are here for all your WordPress support needs, feel free to consult with us about anything regarding your WordPress website.


For those website owners who have support and maintenance requirements that stretch a little bit further, we can offer additional WordPress maintenance based on either pre purchasing development time in bulk or as a monthly contract.

With a minimum of just 12 hours per year, you can use your time to develop a new feature on your site, redesign or add a page, change the photos or anything else, the choice is yours.

You can use your time all at once (pre purchased bulk time, monthly contracts are restricted to the maximum contracted allowance per month), or at any time spread over 12 months (minimum time is 1 hour per support request).