Small Business Web Design


Are you a startup or small business looking for a professional, affordable, and (above all) results driven web site? Our proven track record says you’ve come to the right place. Through our small business website design services, we can help increase your online sales, turn your website visitors in to real customers, communicate and promote your online brand and connect you with your target audience. All of this from one agency.


Every small business needs a website, but not just any website. Careful planning and consideration should be taken when it comes to your brand or image, how you promote yourself online and via social media as well as how your website translates its message through its wording. All of the above will be the difference between your potential customers buying from you or buying from your competition.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that image is everything and you want your website to not only promote your products or services, but also present you in the most professional and credible way.

HA-Design Agency design and develop high-quality, engaging websites for startups and small businesses that meet your specifications and budget, however simple or complex and we can even help with your eCommerce websites. We work with companies in Lewes and throughout Sussex to provide websites that are easy to use and flexible enough to evolve to meet any future need.


In todays competitive market, the key for any small business is growth and results. That’s why here at HA-Design Agency we focus on getting you the very best out of the internet with our small business web design solutions

It’s a fact, consumers now use the internet to search for products or services more than any other form of marketing, so getting your website just right and making sure it is well placed plays a pivotal part in how successful the business will be.

  • 64% of internet users are looking for products or services
  • A customer will take 50 milliseconds (1/50th of a second) to form an opinion of you as a business based on first impressions
  • 96% of researched users placed their decision on hiring a company based on the design of a website

So getting it right could mean the difference between landing the client or losing them to a competitor!