SEO & Social Media


Whether you’re looking for search engine optimisation as part of your new website project, or you’re looking to improve an existing website’s performance in Google, we can help you!

We take pride in being specialists within WordPress SEO – and can carry out full WordPress SEO health checks to make sure that every aspect of your website’s code and structure is fully optimised before moving on to longer term SEO campaigns.


When you search for something online, do you add the name of a town or city local to you? Most people do. That’s called ‘local search’, or ‘local marketing’.

More and more people are making local searches for the products and services they need, so it is really important that your business has a prominent and effective local listing placement alongside your Google My Business page.


When your organic reach has all but run it’s course (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us) it may be time to introduce paid social into your marketing mix to give it a boost.

With click costs often lower than Google Adwords, paid social has the potential to be a very effective marketing strategy for your business. Using paid social media campaigns helps to boost sales, extend content reach and increase contest entries.


Taking the time to invest in a professional SEO website audit will provide you with information on where your website stands from a search engine perspective and allows you to take the first steps to improving your overall rankings.

Our SEO website audit involves digging deep into your website and offering recommendations to help you increase your status in search engines, understand your competition and insights about how your website is viewed by your audience.


Pay per click (PPC) advertising is something we’re very familiar with. We can set up a cost-effective, result-generating PPC campaign to provide the visibility and achieve the sales you need.