Charity Web Design


HA-Design Agency are actively seeking to work with charity, not-for-profit, non-governmental and social enterprise organisations in Lewes, East Sussex, West Sussex and throughout the UK.

The web is a massive opportunity for charities to talk to an audience, both locally and nationally. Your potential audience is vast and making the most of your website and online activities can help you to take full advantage of this opportunity and get the edge over your competitors.


As a charity web design agency, we have been working with charities since 2010, and in this time we’ve helped charities build on their online presence and adapt to new changes as they’ve happened.

One major benefit of the web is its ability to lend itself to a wide variety of promotional activities that charities can benefit from, including; fundraising, supporter communications, building awareness, gathering a following via social media and so much more. Your charity website should work alongside your offline efforts, bossting your reach and performance. What does your website do for your charity?